Mudman Promise

Mudman embraces the vision and heritage of various brands, and brings the highest level of support, 
finance and learning to the management in order to exceed boundaries of customer expectations.

Mudman Strategic Goals

Overview of Contributions by Mudman


Expertise and many years of experience in the retail and
finance business
  1. Long term vision and sustainable commitment with tremendous local and International applicable knowledge.
  2. Able to attract highly-qualified staff through effective retention programs.
  3. Experience in running food operations in Thailand.
  4. Extensive analysis of the retail market.
Strategic and Business advisory 
support to management
  1. A strong board of directors to provide strategic advice.
  2. Assistance in growth strategy formulation.
International Networking and 
  1. Access to international network: restaurant & fashion operators and investors.
Strong vision and commitment 
for developing the brand 
  1. Passion for the brand and respect to its founders. Strong financial support.
  2. Real estate opportunity through our strong connections.
  3. Well respected ownership in the market that will open up more doors to management.
  4. Synergies within Mudman group.